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Go Green

go green

Ways you can reduce your Ecological Footprint

1. Reduce, reuse and recycle: Remember the first to R's considering the energy used to recycle products; less products = less energy and resources needed.

2. Ride a bike or walk: Cars are the largest non-point pollutants in America. Reduce oil dependency and increase your fitness by biking or walking.

3. Buy local: Supporting local businesses help sustain communities. It benefits the local economy, environment and eliminates social injustices related to mass production of goods.

4. Turn off and unplug lights and electronics: Even when our lights and electronics are off we are still consuming energy by keeping them plugged in, so reduce wasted energy by simply turning them off and unplugging them while not in use.

5. Reusable Bags: Shake the habit of shopping with plastic bags by bringing a canvas bag to the store. Pick one up for free at Carthage Savings and Loan today!

6. Start a Garden: If you're looking for a way to help your family eat healthy then grow your own garden! The best way to know where our food is coming from and what is being put in it is to grow it on our own. Stop worrying about what you are putting in your body and take control while learning the wonderful work and rewards of gardening. Also stop on by to your community garden to see what kind of growing opportunities your community has to offer.