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Published in: "Mortgage"

  • Community Bank Home Financing – Carthage Savings and Loan

    Published: May 02, 2019

    Reasons to Finance Your Home with a Community Bank

    If you’re ready to purchase a home, it’s easy to assume that going through a national bank or lending company is the only way to go. But there ...


    Published: November 28, 2016


    How to Save for a Down Payment

    The tallest hurdle to buying your first home will be saving for the down payment. To avoid having to purchase private mortgage insurance, you'll likely need to put...

  • Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes During the Home Buying Process

    Published: November 05, 2015

    It’s easy to get caught up in the home buying process, and unfortunately, many people get so preoccupied trying to find the perfect home that they make mistakes along the way. These tips will ...

  • Tips to Help Military Families Overcome the Stress of Deployment

    Published: November 02, 2015

    Military spouses take much upon themselves, from managing their family's day-to-day activities to all of the household chores. They’re usually prepared to take on the tasks of two adults, but ...