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4 Holiday Scams to Look Out for This Season

Published: November 26, 2018

4 Holiday Scams to Look Out for This Season

You're busy trimming the tree and selecting gifts, but scammers are also stepping up their game this time of year with new and creative ways to take your money and personal information. To help our customers protect themselves, Carthage Savings and Loan identifies four common holiday season scams, as well as how to avoid them.

  1. Counterfeit Products

If you come across a website selling name-brand products at extremely discounted rates, those products are most likely fakes. And when the goods arrive – if they do at all – you're going to be disappointed. The best way to avoid counterfeit products is to only shop with reputable retailers with Better Business Bureau ratings. Many offer holiday deals, so you can still get a great price without the risk.

  1. Fake Charities

In the season of giving, it’s common to make donations to charitable causes, and scammers are standing by to take advantage of that generosity. Always confirm the identity of anyone claiming to represent a charity, and be wary of individuals who demand donations via cash, account access or gift cards. You can also use a website such as Charity Navigator to determine whether or not the charity you're considering has a good reputation. 

  1. Debt and Tax Collection Scams

If a call from the IRS threatens jail time over unpaid taxes or a debt collector sends a threatening letter, your first instinct may be to pay. Despite this, it's critical that you always dig deeper into claims of outstanding debts. Legitimate debt collectors are able to provide details to confirm the validity of their requests, and agencies such as the IRS will never request payments over the phone to avoid jail or additional fines.

  1. Fraudulent Tickets

Your kids can't wait to see their favorite band, but box office prices are sky high. Should you trust a resale site or classified ad? Not if you want to get what you paid for. It's all too easy for scammers to deliver forged tickets, leaving you with little recourse for recovering your investment. Should you choose to give event tickets this holiday season, always purchase them from a trusted retailer. And if you must use a resale website, be sure to check their policies to see what, if any, protections are in place for buyers.

Shop Safely this Holiday Season

At Carthage Savings and Loan, we’re committed to protecting our customers against fraud during the holiday season and throughout the year. Contact your local branch by phone or visit in person to learn more about our services and security solutions today.