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Is your "To Do" List getting out of hand?

Apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit and take advantage of the **No Closing Cost offer and our low introductory rate of *2.75% APR (Good for one year from closing date)!

See details below.

  • Home Equity Line of Credit Special
    • **No Closing Costs
    • Fast Approvals
    • Easy transfer with Internet Banking
  • Introductory Rate
    • Fixed for One Year from Closing Date

Introductory Rate 2.75% *APR:  Fixed for one year from closing

3.25% APR  ***Current Prime   Floor Rate applies

*HEMLOC-*2.75% Introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) ends one year from closing date.*** APR will change to a variable rate of prime + 0% at that time. Prime is 3.25% as of 3/23/2020. Floor rate: 4.00%. Rate cap: 13.50%. You may at any time convert a portion of your line to a fixed rate for a specified period of time up to 10 years. You will need to contact the Association to determine your rate based upon the terms requested. **No closing costs means CFS&L will pay normal closing fees including title search and NYS mortgage tax and filing fees. Abstract of title must be provided by borrower. These fees typically range from $200 to $750 plus NYS mortgage tax equal to 1/2% to 1% of the mortgage. Borrowers are responsible to reimburse CFS&L for such closing costs if loan is paid off and mortgage is discharged within 3 years of closing. All loans are subject to complete qualification of borrowers and subject property. Valid on NEW loans only.